Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Rants

I haven’t been blogging regularly these days for a number of reasons: missing muses to inspire me, and  a lack of time.
Morning walks are still a daily affair, but they are ho hum affairs. The area seems to have fewer critters (my muse and inspiration) as there is more human activity. These days it is thrash spotting as the route is littered with runners’ disintegrated rubber soles, discarded used paper towels, empty drink cans and bottles, to plastic bags of all sorts.
It seems I'm not the only one noticing the trash. From The Straits Times Forum Page - More checks against littering needed
Replaced the roof over my head, the old roof had to come off as the tiles were cracked. No amount of repairs will stop the rain from coming in. Plus the old roof couldn't take the weight of the mischievous macaques that use the roof tops as their passage way as they pass through the estate looking for fruiting trees.
The old coat of paint inside and out had to be stripped off too and the house repainted. The entire process began mid-June and will not finish for another week or more. The home is now filled piles of belongings that been emptied out of their proper place.

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