Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sitting At Home & Listening To The Rain

I’m pretty glad to be high and dry this morning. The heavy downpour that started at 4.30 am woke me up, and I mentally crossed out my plans for Saturday morning. The cat starts marching on me at 6.30 am trying her best to drag me out of bed. She finally succeeded at 7 to get me to move. By 7.30, I was done with breakfast, and there wasn’t much else to do but be a couch potato. Flipped on the TV and entertained myself with the Food Network’s Ultimate Candy Challenge.
The couch potato then decides to roll herself upstairs to flop on the bed with the TV and laptop while the rain continued. The mobile rings and it’s my brother asking me where I was. Trick question? “At home”, I replied. Apparently, there was mayhem on the streets as many parts of Singapore were hit by flash floods.
I went back to my aimless musing till I decided to play photographer to a lazy cat that sleeps more than I do.
My turn to rouse her from sleep with the sound of the shutter clicking away.

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