Saturday, July 17, 2010

Raptor Sightings

There is something that I admire about large birds of prey. May be it’s their majestic look and stature that fascinate me to no end. I had two chanced meeting with two local raptor species – a Buffy Fish Owl and a White-bellied Sea Eagle.
I wouldn’t have spotted the Buffy if not for the small birds mobbing it. Mobbing is a typical behavior of birds when they find a raptor is their midst. The owl then started to call softly which made locating it easier.
The next chanced meeting was with a White-bellied Sea Eagle, the largest raptor in Singapore. This bird was just sitting in a large tree resting after a long day of hunting. After resting for some time, it and its mate treated me to a fantastic aerial dance which was beautiful to watch as the pair flew close to each other and circled above as they climbed higher and higher on the thermocline.


Gardeners said...

Hi, where did you see the Buffy? I had the good fortune of see a pair in Lower Pierce Board walk last year :)

Shirls said...

Same area you did.