Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A group of ingenuous Little Terns

Took a drive to another area that is ear-marked for re-development - the Chinese Garden - to see if the migratory birds have come back. Before even stepping into the garden, little white diving birds in the man-made lake area caught my attention. It looked like a small group of Little Terns have taken up residence in the area. 
From a distance, I could see terns standing on the flotation balls that are next to the canoeing center. Upon approaching the balls, I could tell that the birds on the balls were chicks that are about to fledge. 
Amazing!! We humans may have destroyed their habitat, but these Little Terns are not giving up. They colonised the flotation balls, which are man-made. devices Each ball hosted a breeding pair,  and there were six chicks each standing impatiently on their ball-nest waiting for their parents to feed them.
Only wished, I had discovered them earlier as it would have been interesting to document the nesting of these Little Terns on such an unlikely location.
Here's a sequence of how a chick behaved as its parent approaches. .


Gardeners said...

Hi, i used to live in that area. It so nice to find that wildlife is breeding in our urbanized Singapore. Thanks

Shirls said...

They are around but not many of us notice them.