Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peking duck@Quanjude Restaurant

On the last night in Beijing, I am told that the Quanjude Restaurant, the largest roast duck restaurant in Beijing, is just next door. Again I high tailed it out of the hotel after my last meeting.
It's rush hour and cars are everywhere! What happened to all the bicycles?
A slow walk brought me to Quanjude. Know how bad the food was back at the hotel, I was hell bent on eating here.
Ended up with a carnivore's dinner and a rather tired jaw from chewing half a peking duck. However, the experience was one I wouldn't have missed.


Gardeners said...

Feel so sorry that you did not get the right food in Beijing. My best meal is in a simple corner coffee shop of 三鲜水饺 with a small bottle of 二锅头 :)

Shirls said...

Hi, my trip was work related. Therefore, my objective was to get the work done. I'm sure there'll be other opportunities.