Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Laced Woodpecker family

Word got out that a pair of Laced Woodpeckers was nesting and hordes of photographers have been at the site. Joined the crowd on two afternoons for about an hour each and was thrilled to observe both parents taking part in feeding their two chicks – a male and a female.
On the first afternoon, the father was the one that came to feed his chicks. He spent some time in the nest hole before flying off.
Two days later, got there just in time to see the mother at the entrance of the nest hole.
She is the shyer of the two. She disappeared into the nest hole and stayed there for over half an hour. As she prepared to depart, some visitors at the park walked under the tree and it spooked her. She flew over to a branch and stayed there. Quiet indecisive this one, she couldn’t decide whether to stay or go. In total, she hung around for over an hour, before flying away. 
Although Laced Woodpeckers are not listed as endangered and can be seen in our parks. It is good to see that they are breeding well in our urban setting.


Gardeners said...

Thought I saw a Laced Woodpecker last Wednesday and was disappointed that I did not have my camera with me.

Thanks for sharing. Just the confirmation I need :)

Shirls said...

You're welcome. That is part of the aim of this blog, to help inform.