Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Chronicle of Mr & Mrs King

The digging is slow and the courtship is equally slow. The pair only come to the site in the mornings and spend the rest of their day on their own. But when they do each morning, the air is filled with their excited song as the pair duet loudly. One morning, Mr King brought a lizard to the party.
However, the skilled hunter of lizards didn't bring the lizard for his love. It was his breakfast before the hard work of digging begins.
He spends no more than a minute digging before flying to the fence to rest.
Mrs King sings to Mr King as he works from above, she'll even fly down to inspect his work.
This is Mr King after he's done with his digging for the day.


russel low said...

interesting! There's a pair who hang out in the trees behind my place and they too, appear to be in courtship. As the back of my place is sloped, I wonder if there's a nest nearby.

Shirls said...

Russel, continue to observe. The pair will be shy so don't be too obvious that you are watching them. Always important to give them their space.