Thursday, November 04, 2010

Alien species breeding at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Spotted in a pond at Evolution Garden a healthy population of American Bullfrog tadpoles. 
How can this alien species be allowed to breed at the Singapore Botanic Gardens?
American Bullfrogs can destroy local ecosystems, yet people persist to release them into our ecosystem. They are voracious predators that eat anything they can swallow, which includes numerous species of frogs, lizards, fish, birds, mice and even their own kind. See previous post 'Someone dumped bullfrogs into the stream'. Shouldn't they be systematically removed to ensure that the population does not explode? 


Anonymous said...

This is really interesting.Thanks for sharing. Such stuff really ought to be added into primary level science. Simple idea- but great repercussions if not handled right.

Shirls said...

I agree. It would be good for Singaporeans to learn about their local flora & fauna.

I've cringed many times at the misinformation passed on by parent to child as they walk in our parks. Often it is hard to correct the parent in front of the child.