Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Small Croc at SBWR

Dropped in at Sungei Buloh last Sunday morning during neap tide in the hope to catch sight of otters and to see if there were any illegal drift nets set near the river mouth of Sungei Buloh. Like this photo taken on one of my previous trips.
Instead of seeing poachers, this was what greeted me. Two huge barges with excavators on  them. Could it be there are plans to construct more floating fish pens? If that happens what will become of the otters? The fish pens stocked with captive fish will be tempting tempting for the otters. Will the fish farmers end up killing the otters?
While looking out at the monstrosities out at sea on Platform 1, something resting on the edge of the surf line caught my eye, it was a small Saltwater Crocodile. May be it was me or the large Water Monitor that was in the area, the meter long crocodile slipped quietly into the water while I assembled my camera.
Standing on the platform, I was between the large monitor and the little crocodile. I wondered if the monitor picked up the scent of the little guy and would I witness the monitor kill and eat the crocodile (a role reversal as a large crocodile was last seen killing and eating a monitor). Lucky for the croc, the monitor didn't like my presence and turned away. 
I left the little crocodile sitting quietly in the water as I headed off to my next destination.


sgbeachbum said...

Had a similar experience...

You must have been there a little earlier.

There were 2 local poaching fishermen who were caught by the rangers after much mud, sweat and paddling in the late morning.

The barge is part of the conservation works initiated by NParks. Part of the work involves the building of a breaker-wall. It's part of the masterplan for Sg Buloh.


Shirls said...

Yes, I was there at 8 am.

Good to know that the barges are doing work for NParks. Hope the work will not disrupt the route of the animals that use the two rivers.