Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tattooed man, the poacher

Encountered a tattooed Malay man at the Jurong Lake District, nothing unusual but the man had a fishing rod and hung on his bicycle was a tarpaulin bag. He gets off his bicycle and starts to cast his fishing line into the lake while I was busy breaking down my camera.
Suddenly the tarpaulin bag begins to move and there was scratching sound. Left my bag and walked over to the bicycle to investigate knowing full well that there was an animal in the bag. Meanwhile, the tattooed man hauls another turtle from the lake with his fishing line. Tried to persuade him to release the turtle he caught and to release whatever was in his bag.
Conversation: -
Me: Hello! Did you know that you are not allowed to catch animals? What is in your bag? Lizard?
Tattooed Malay man: Why cannot? Turtle.
Me: Please release them or I will call the police. You cannot catch animals here.
Tattooed Malay man: Mind your own business! I sell the turtles in the market for money. Why you want to make trouble? Police car pass by also never stop me. Call the police lah! I run away.
His body language turned threatening being the only person in the area no choice had to back down. He puts the second turtle in his bag and quickly cycles away.
This encounter like other encounters have left me feeling frustrated that little or nothing is being done to stop poaching.
Meanwhile, there are wild boar traps in our forested areas and these traps are maiming stray dogs (video of one of the dogs that has lost three legs) and probably killing other wildlife such as mouse deer, pangolins, and civet cats all priced for their meat too.

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