Tuesday, June 07, 2011

When life begins on bare ground

You may know that some bird species do not build nests. Example: some cuckoos are brood parasites, laying their eggs in the nests of other species. Other birds like terns and nightjars nest on bare ground.
In Singapore, if you are lucky, you can observe Little terns, Black-napped terns and Large-tailed nightjars nesting in the most in hospitable places. Here are some photos from the recent nesting season of the black-napped terns and large-tailed nightjars.
A lone chick day old chick that was beside another egg that hasn't hatched on a wet thundery morning.
Proud parent with its newly hatched chicks, attempting to feed one with a freshly caught fish. The obvious disadvantage of such open colony nesting is predation by humans and other birds and chicks drowning if they fall into the sea. 
Meanwhile, on a disused putting green, two large-tailed nightjar chicks began their life among browned leaves and rubble. 
Mother Nature made these nocturnal birds masters of camouflage. However, being in distinguishable from your surroundings could also mean certain death under the foot of any unsuspecting person. Adults can fly off but young chicks have no way of avoiding a foot coming down on them..
Fortunately, for these two, they fledged.


ABYP said...

The reason for the terns to nest out in open sea is to avoid predation as well. Will your presence with all the cameras/gadget and the boat that cruise so near for your shooting a great disturbance to them?

The reason why the nightjar pick that area must be due to no human traffic. Again, will photographer cause any disturbance to them?

The nightjars might out of fear due to your suddent appearance out of their camouflage or usual roosting place & exposed to even greater dangers/risks?

What is your control measures? Do you take the welfare of the birds more important or your photos?

Shirls said...

Yes, that is one of the reasons terns nest out at sea. But in our local context, there really isn't any suitable areas left for them too.

I believe all animals must be treated with respect. Therefore welfare of the animal or bird is of utmost importance. I get my shots and I leave.

If there are too many people at a site, I do not join in. There is always another day.

阿明一派 said...

Great to hear that!! cheers!