Saturday, December 03, 2011

Shorebirds: Terek Sandpiper

Here's a shorebird that looks different than the rest of the shorebirds but if you think that they will be easier to spot. They are not because the Terek Sandpiper is only slightly larger than the Common Sandpiper and if they are mixed in with the general population of migratory shorebirds one can spend quite a bit of time picking them out.
Terek and a Common

What makes these birds different are their long up curved bills. Another strong flier, they migrate from their breeding grounds near water around the taiga (the world's largest biome found between the tundra, and the temperate forest in the Northern Hemisphere). During winter these birds will fly south to tropical coasts in east Africa, South Asia and Australia.
competing for food
They can be found on mudflats during low tide or at Sungei Buloh where the disused prawn ponds are drained to allow shorebirds to feed during high tide.

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