Saturday, January 14, 2012


To many of us mynas are so common that we don't even pay much attention to these birds. But did you know that we have three species of urban dwelling mynas in our midst.
Crested Myna
The Crested Myna is a resident species that has been displaced by the other two introduced species - Javan and Common. To spot a Crested Myna look for pale (almost creamy) bill and an all black plumage.
Common Myna
The Common Myna used to be abundant but they too have displaced by their cousin, the Javan Myna, which can be seen everywhere. Their distinguishing features of the Common Myna are yellow eye patch, a black head and a brown body plumage.
Javan Myna
Then there's the most common of them all the Javan Myna, which can be easily mistaken for its two cousins. The Javan has a crest like the Crested and a black head like the Common but it does not have the pale bill nor the yellow eye patch. Don't worry it took me a while to pick out the differentiating features of these mynas.

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