Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gorgeously green

I was at the zoo last Saturday morning and as is my usual habit I will go pay Elvis, the King Cobra, a visit. This time I found him in a state of stupor with his eye caps almost opaque. Elvis was getting ready to molt. I did my usual round to see what each individual reptile was up to. There were several new snakes - a female Wagler's Pit Viper, a new Mangrove Pit Viper and two Oriental Whip Snakes. It was also my lucky day to find the Green Tree Python facing the glass panel and not tucked away in a corner. It had also just gotten a bath and was glistening.
Green Tree Python

Though not a native species, it is still a gorgeous specimen to photograph. Having had time to study this snake. I know what were its best features - green scales and eyes.
Lucky me also had a chanced encounter with a Red-tailed Green Ratsnake (Red-tailed Racer) on a late afternoon walk.
Red-tailed Green Ratsnake
The Red-tailed Green Ratsnake is forest dweller usually found in trees but it will come down in the evenings to warm up before it returns to the tree-tops to hunt birds. This individual wasn't too keen to stick around but it allowed me a brief glimpse.

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