Thursday, June 06, 2013

Catch the light

This fortnight's theme for National Geographic My Shot - Assignments and Stories is "Catch the light". I thought it's an interesting theme as luminosity is everything to a photographer. It can help to create mood and tone of your photos. Me, I'm not much of a fan of flash photography and I rely on natural light as much as I can. This means that I need to spend time on location to get to know the changing light conditions and how that will affect my photos.
These are some photos that show how important light is in achieving the shot. Key to knowing light is the explore and experiment, and know your equipment intimately.
Freeze motion: A sheepdog enjoying a game of fetch
Freeze motion: A treeswift in flight
Create mood: Moody weather from two days ago
Balancing light: Capitalizing on available light to create the mood

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