Monday, June 17, 2013

The rarest parrot in Singapore

There were fruiting star fruit trees around the area close to home, and this attracted a pair of very rare parrots. The blue-rumped parrots use to frequent trees just at the car park till contractors removed their roosting tree some year ago. Since then no one has seen them in the area till now.

News of the sighting spread like wildfire among the bird watcher/photography community, and soon there was a huge bevy of bird paparazzi standing and waiting under the fruiting trees for the two celebrity birds to come dine on the unripened star fruits.
As with all parrots, the pair were messy and wasteful eaters, they only consumed the seeds inside the fruits throwing scattering flesh and unwanted fruits on the ground.It was also the telltale sign that the birds were up in the trees. Our local parrots are mostly green and when they are in the canopy, you can hardly see them, the only way to spot them is by movement.
Lucky me living so close spent a morning waiting for these rare birds and was very lucky to capture many images of the pair as they went about their business of filling their tummies.


OS said...

I just posted a photo of a slightly similar parakeet/ parrot at this link. Do you know if it's related?

Nice shots, by the way.


Shirls said...

OS, the parrot you photographed looks like a rainbow lory, which is a native bird from Australia.

Irresponsible pet owners are responsible for a feral population of parrots in Singapore.