Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great-billed herons courtship dance

Lucky me caught the courtship dance of a pair of great-billed herons at Sungei Buloh last Sunday. 
There were initially three herons in breeding plumage breeding (sliver streaked feathers on the lower neck, back and crest) but it was difficult to tell which of the three was the female since these herons have no plumage dimorphism.
The first heron started a display and the other fly in from across the rock island and they began a courtship dance, which was very interesting to watch. Another thing that I noticed was the growling sounds that the pair were making. Although we were very far from the pair we could hear them vocalizing as they danced.

Went back Monday in the hopes of seeing another courtship display but there was none. The pair were on the rock island. One heron brought nesting material and offered it to the other. The token wasn't accepted. The bird that rejected the offering flew off leaving the rejected bird alone. Unfortunately for me, my teaching term started again and I will have to catch up with these birds this weekend.

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