Sunday, April 15, 2007

Camera, Subjects and Action

A tranquil pool of reflection within the purple water lily. I discovered that water had collected in the center of the lily as it started to bloom as the sun heated up the morning. It must have pooled from the rain yesterday and it created a great shot with the contrast of color and the translucency of the water.
The other pot of water lily was also in bloom, this white flower has a sweet scent to it. it was charming little bees with its scent as it slowly bloomed while I waited patiently for the bees to start feeding and collecting pollen on their hind limbs.
I must have shot over a hundred photos in trying to catch these little masters of flights in flight.I am pleased with the results of the new camera but I suspect I need a proper macro lens to achieve the clarity and sharpness that I want in these shots.

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