Monday, April 16, 2007

Marutama Ra-men Revisited

I went back to Marutama on Saturday and today as I wanted to introduce a friend to the ramen. My visit on Saturday was to understand the menu and to try the chicken broth version.
The menu wasn't that hard to understand – there are two basic broth and two special ones made from beans or prawns. Then came the toppings like pork belly, char siew, stewed egg, spring onion and seaweed which you can add to your basic ramen order. You could also order side dishes but frankly a bowl is very filling on its own.
The two basic ones are a plain chicken and spicy chicken broth. Both come with standard toppings of one slice of char siew, some spring onion and seaweed.
On Saturday, I ordered the Marutama ramen (plain chicken broth) and added pork belly - Kakuni ramen with negi. The broth was rich and full-bodied but I still like the aka broth better. But I did struggle with the Kakuni as it was just too much pork for me and thick chunks at that.
Today, I went back and ordered aka ramen with char siew and spring onion. However, when my order arrived it had an egg in it. I suspect that the cooks mix up orders as they are really busy. The broth was a little more salty than the first bowl I tried on 06 April too. My friend ordered aka ramen too with pork belly and she enjoyed her bowl.

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