Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sedak Skali - Malay Dishes Finished Off With a Thai Desert

mee soto with bergerdilI had planned a simple two dish lunch followed by a Thai desert sticky rice with mango. Instead of 4 additional people for lunch, I ended up having 9 people coming over. Last minute guests who decided to come over for lunch this morning. Yeeks!! Although it was just two hawker fare dishes, these two dishes required lots of prep work - to get all the ingredients ready for the final assembly of the dishes themselves.
As I wasn't planning a mixed menu, I couldn't just get the additional family members to buy takeaway to add-on. It was a good thing I had bought a medium size chicken and had added on 5 pieces of the chicken back bone to my order so I had enough meat. I did however, had to go out to get additional egg noodles, quails eggs, potatoes and soto paste. sticky rice with mangoHowever, I couldn't increase my Thai sticky rice with mango desert since the sticky rice was already cooked by 10. I soak the glutinous rice over night so I wasn't going to try and do a short order.
What I did eventually was served up the desert as a large dish with the rice in the center encircled by lush sweet honey mangoes instead of individual portions. The toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on the rice and mangoes added a crispy crunch. The salty-sweet coconut sauce just added to the wow factor of this desert. Handed everyone a fork and we dug in. It's a good thing communal eating isn't frowned upon here. The plate was cleaned in no time.

Ingredients4 medium local potatoes, nuked in a microwave till cooked
1 can of tuna
Spring onions
pinch of salt
1 egg for coating
Oil for deep frying

1. Microwave potatoes, peel off the skin when cooled, and mash them
2. Blend tuna, potatoes, spring onions and salt and mix till well incorporated
3. Form the patties
4. Heat oil in wok
5. Dip into egg mixture and deep fry till golden brown

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