Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Geylang Experience

It was my second trip to Geylang and it was yet another eye opening experience. I have never seen so many working women and foreign workers from the construction industry. But what surprised me most was the overt attention that we got just walking from the carpark to No Signboard on Geylang.
Joh's ToolsSix ladies - six dishes. We ordered chili crab, scallops with asparagus, oatmeal prawns, deep fried bean curd, mee goreng and sambal kangkong. Did we finish all the dishes absolutely.
These are Joh's wonderful $1 crab meat extraction tools and wet wipes which she brings with her on all of us seafood eating sessions.

Here are some of dishes we had mee gorengoatmeal prawns chili crabs

And this was how the dishes looked when we were through.
We then a braved through the red light district (which starts from Lorong 8 and ends at Lorong 24) to get to Sims Avenue. We tried to not to gape at the deals being transacted, the women on display and evade the characters who followed us. The trip was for Sanj to try durians for the first time. We had also read the news of the durian con jobs and were prepare so as not to get ripped off. It all went well at the stall and we ended up paying $16 for two pretty decent durians.

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