Thursday, May 17, 2007

Noodle House Ken

This is a hole-in-the-wall ramen shop but don't be fooled by its dingy and dark interior, Noodle House Ken holds its own when it comes to good ramen.
I walked in and asked the server to recommend me the house specialty and she pointed out 4 choices but said that the tamago ramen was sold out. As it was only 12:15 pm, they couldn't have sold out since they just opened for business, I think she meant that the tamago were not ready yet .
As the day was pretty humid with an impending down pour, I decided to try the Hiyashi (冷やし) cold ramen which is one of Chef Ken's soyu based specialties with sesame sauce and I wasn't disappointed. The dish is quite colorful with the shredded crab sticks, char sui slices, slices of bamboo shoots, julienned cucumber and strip of omelette. Mixed all the ingredients up with the noodles below with the cold soup and I was happily slurping away. The cold soup base was very tasty and I wanted to drink it all up if I only had a spoon. It had just the right balance of sweet and sour, with the pleasant nuttiness of the sesame paste. The dollop of mustard on the side of the shallow bowl added a nice kick to the dish as they all blend together.
This was what was left of the bowl of Hiyashi ramen when I was done. It was a satisfying meal and I'll be back for more that is for sure.
Noodle House Ken
150 Orchard Road
#01-17/18 Orchard Plaza
Operating hours weekdays: 12 noon to 2 pm and 6 pm to 2 am Sunday: 12 noon to 10 pm
Closed: every 3rd Sunday of the month

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