Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ah Orh Seafood

I took a drive to a coffeeshop at Sin Ming Road. These coffeeshops under the solitary block of flats in the Sin Ming Industrial Estate could have easily been passed off as just another neighbourhood coffeeshop that probably sold average food. But that is certainly not the case, for in the corner coffeeshop lies three very good stalls. The coffeeshop is packed during lunch and you will need to stand around waiting for a table.
This evening, I decided to try Ah Orh Seafood which serves Teochew style seafood. By the way, this stall has no English menu and what they have is written in Chinese below their signboard.
I had a little difficulty but still managed to place my order in a mix of English and Chinese dialects.
I would have loved to order more but there were only two people eating what I was ordering. I settled for deep fried prawn roll (Heah chor, 香炸虾枣) and yellow Chinese Chives with tiger prawns.
You would have thought that these rolls would be burnt crisp by the looks of the dish but they were nice and moist inside. These morsels are to be eaten with the sweet soy sauce.
They were so good that my mom and I wolfed them all down in no time.
The yellow Chinese Chives and prawns was interesting as it had pieces of salted fish in the gravy which went very well with steamed rice. The prawns were fresh and succulent.

This is going back to my roots, when my father was alive we had more Teochew food. The cuisine is from the area around Swatow in China is another style noted for it's delicacy and natural favorite. Teochew food is famous for it's seafood, ducks and geese. The Teochews originate from Swatow. Their cuisine has been influenced by that of the Fukienese people in the adjacent province. Stronger, earthier tastes are the preference. Garlic and vinegar sauce is a palate-pleasing dip for the region's spicy goose.
Ah Orh Seafood
BIk 22 Sin Ming Rd
#01 -258 Eng Ho Hup Coffeeshop
Opening Hours: 0700 - 1400 and 1700 - 2200, Closed on Wednesday

The other must tries: -
Hup Seng Duck Rice
Opening Hours: 0900 -1430 (Mon-Fri) and 0900 -1330 (Sat-Sun), Closed on Thursday

Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh
Opening Hours: 0700 - 1600 daily


Camemberu said...

Hi there, I chanced upon your blog (for the food posts), and then saw the link to Parkinson's. My mom has that too (for almost 30 years now), so I understand what it's like. Kudos to you for taking care of her!

Shirls said...

Hi, thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. Yes, it is tough being a care giver. My mom's condition is deteriorating rapidly so we just make her as comfortable as we can.