Saturday, June 23, 2007

Breakfast Comfort Food

Typical comfort food for me, when I have too little sleep and feeling sluggish in the morning. This is what perks me up a cuppa of kopi kao sui nai (thick coffee with less milk) and a bowl of mee pok tah with crunchy pieces of lard in it. Ha! Ha! I only have this after having my workout.
I like my bah chor noodles with lots of spring onions, vinegar and a squirt of tomato sauce. Where do I get my noodle fix Suntec's food court. The coffee is also from the food court but Jim Fook make traditional Chinese Coffee and there is usually a queue every morning for their set of two eggs, kaya butter toast and a cup of hot beverage.
The other comfort food for me during and after long flights instant noodles - salt fix.

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