Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Damn Good Food At A Damn Good Price!

It's been over a year since my last trip back to the US and I had a craving for authentic home style American burger.
My pal use to throw hand shaped burgers patties from Costco on to his grill in the yard and we would chat as we cut up the veggies to go with the burgers, slather the sourdough buns with Fleischmann's Made with Olive Oil and of course peel off number of slices from the Tillamook cheese stack. Or I'd walk to the friendly diner cum bar, the Red Fir and order me a burger and a Drop Top Ale.
So I went in search of Botak Jones as I remembered Bernie's from Changi Gardens a long time ago. Googled Botak Jones and discovered that there were two outlets not too far from where I stay.What is so unique about Botak Jones? Authentic American food served in coffeeshops in the heartlands at affordable prices, like this one at Yue Hua Food Place at Blk 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. I rocked up and order myself a Botak Burger Set and went to my table. This is my table and a copy of the menu printed on plain yellow paper. Cool huh? Totally unpretentious.My Botak Burger was super sized but it was a sight for sore eyes as I didn't want a burger wrapped in waxed paper served over a gleaming counter. I enjoyed the slaw and the crispy fries first before assembling my burger If you like service with a smile these guys are great. The coffeeshop atmosphere added the the fun as it reminded me of the greasy table top at the Red Fir. Thanks guys, I had a blast.


elyani said...

Is there any story behind the name Botak Jones? botak is bald in Malay / bahasa Indonesia :) The burger looks yummy but alas I cant have them for health reason. Am munching a bowl of fresh cut melon and mangoes as I post this comment :)

ps : I hope you dont mind me commenting on your posts quite often. No worry am not a stalker ...LOL!

Shirls said...

It's named by the owner, Bernie Utchenik aka Botak Jones who is botak. Bernie is an American living in Singapore and has been serving up American food for some time.

Not at all, I don't mind chatting.