Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fresh Gnocchi

This is dedicated to Chef Lee at Original Sin, who was our trainer last Thursday night when we had a team building event at Bent Fork with a client.
Despite all the morning activities of searching for kingfishers, and the impromtu jungle trek, I still managed to whip up a batch of fresh gnocchi for lunch. It's the damn over achiever streak in me but the sauce came out of a bottle. That is another blog somewhere in the near future when I dust out some of the Italian recipe books in my collection and my basil plants in my herb garden start screaming "Use Me!"Recipe
500g russet potatoes
250g plain flour
1 egg

Boil potatoes with skin on till tender. Mash potatoes.
Shift flour on work top and make a well in the middle. Add the egg and salt to taste.
Add mashed potatoes and start to knead till well blended.
Cut and roll pieces into smaller rolls. Cut and shape gnocchi with a fork.


elyani said...

The second pic looks wonderful Shirls. What sauce did you serve with them?

Shirls said...

Elyani, tomato n basil sauce bought off the rack.