Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wild Monkeys Foraging In The Secondary Forest

Look ma! I'm floating upside down, David Blaine eat your heart out.
These are photos of wild monkeys that came out of the forest to forage this evening. I manage to get pretty close to the monkeys by not spooking them while they munched on this tree.These are long-tailed macaques and they have a varied diet of fruits, leaves, small mammals and birds, shellfish and crabs, as well as human leftovers. Where I live, we don't feed them but allow them to forage naturally in the secondary forest. The troupe foraged for some time before retreating back into the thick forest for the night.I spied this squirrel and was playing hide and seek with it. The shots that I wanted to share unfortunately were fuzzy as the little thing wouldn't stop moving. It's an art to be able to photograph wild life as your subjects will not cooperate. I tried shooting the swallows that were swooping around me but I just couldn't get a shot worth sharing. I just snapped and prayed that the birds were caught in the right position and composition.


elyani said...

I love the first pic, must be hard to wait for this naughty creature hopping from one tree to another. Great pics, Shirls!

Shirls said...

Thanks but don't try to do what I did. They are wild animals and they do attack when intimidated. I'm a trained professional. Ha! Ha! not. I just have a way with animals and guts.