Sunday, September 09, 2007

Edible Fruits That Grow From The Stem - Star Fruit

I came across these ripe fruits strewn all over the path and I spent time looking for the tree and even longer time learning to differentiate the fruits from the leaves.Can you tell where the fruits are? Took me even longer to locate the flowers but there you go these are the little flowers up in the canopy of leaves. I just think it is so cool when you finally are able to spot the fruits from the leaves. This is where I turned back as there were just too many insects and they were having a feast at my expense. Teaches me a lesson to go jungle diving without proper preparation.


elyani said...

Lovely pics, Shirls! Starfruit in Indonesian language is called "belimbing". We used them in our rujak buah (fruit rojak) or we can make them into juice. These past few weeks we have belimbing season hence the price on the market is relatively cheap (about SGD 2 per kilo). The best variety I like is belimbing dewi.

Shirls said...

Thanks for the info! I just know them as starfruits but didn't realise that there were variaties.

elyani said...

Yes, I read there are about 9 t 13 varieties of belimbing in Indonesia. The difference is basically in the higher water content, the sweetness, the thickness of the flesh and the longevity of the fruits. Take for example belimbing dewi, they have more water content, sweeter and can last longer when you keep them. Some gone bad quite fast even when you keep them at the fridge.