Sunday, September 09, 2007

This Bird Started It All

I was originally searching for Kingfishers before I digressed and found a whole lot of other things instead.
It wasn't a total write-off as I did spot a pair on the telephone cables near where I live but they weren't in the right position for me to photograph them. Subsequently, I found one of the two white-chested kingfishers but I'm still not happy that I couldn't get closer.
Ha! Ha! I caught the bird pooping too. It's the white stream in the photo. The funniest shot if I managed to focus the lens properly was of the same bird almost falling off its perch.


elyani said...

Lovely pics and lovely bird! You are so unbelievably talented in Photography. Were this pics taken in your back yard? I cant believe there is such a kampong touch in Singapore :) Love them!

Shirls said...

Thanks! This wasn't in my backyard, I drove around following bird calls but hey I do live in a very morden kampong setting.