Sunday, September 09, 2007

Edible Fruits That Grow From The Stem - Blimbling

Yesterday, I discovered figs grow from the stem of the fig tree. Today, I'm adding two more tropical species of trees that bear fruits from their stems, that we eat. The blimbling which is used in nonya cooking. The tree is from the star fruit family and you will see why shortly.
This is a blimbling tree in flower, took me a while to understand the pecularity of the tree and a while longer to get to photograph them when the trees are in flower.Young fruits on the tree.Mature fruits ready for harvest.


elyani said...

Well, “belimbing” in Indonesia refers to two types of fruit - the one we consider as fruits are called "belimbing", while the smaller version normally use in our cooking are called "belimbing wuluh". This belimbing wuluh is normally used in Javanese cooking to replace tamarind or in seafood recipe.

elyani said...

Oh yes...the Javanese also often use belimbing wuluh young flowers as a cough remedy. What you got to do is wash the flowers clean and boil them with water, served with sugar since the flavour is way too sour.

Shirls said...

Again thanks for the information and you are right the belimbing wuluh is used like tamarind even in nonya cooking.