Saturday, October 13, 2007

Using a Macro Lens

The Canon EF 100mm macro lens is fantastic. I spent the afternoon fiddling with the camera and using my pot of lily as a subject. This lily bulb came home with me from Paris many years ago. I also learnt to force these lilies to bloom.
These are the results with larger objects like flowers and plants. I love the details of these shots. You can see the pollen on the stamen of the lily flower, the veins on the flower and the hairs on the shoot.
When I pushed it to photograph minute things, it just wouldn't focus or would find larger objects or the photos were fuzzy. I did however coax the lens and camera to take some interesting shots of tiny, tiny creatures.
This is a shot of Forget-me-not flower buds. See the fuzzy are on the bud in the forefront. Not enough area for the auto-focus to work properly.When it does find the target, the result is quite astounding. Here's an ugly little monster 1 cm big head to torso. It even caught the hairs on the spider's legs.Last but not the least, my tiny 5 mm hoppers. This one is small 3 mm. I ended up taking heaps of photos only to end up with a handful of stunners. I especially like this one as the hopper is an acrobat while feeding on a tiny grass seed.

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elyani said...

Gorgeous photography, and you've got me yearning to head to Sungei Buloh :)