Friday, January 04, 2008

I Spied A Stink Bug

I spied a brown marmorated stink bug in my kitchen while I was preparing my lunch. As I had the camera ready with new filters to try. I whipped out the camera and changed lens to use this bug as my subject.This bug is a pest and I should have dispatched it after I finished photographing it. It is an pest that can cause widespread damage to fruit and vegetable crops. I had it pose on some oranges on my worktop to allow for contrast.I placed stinky on my plant and it promptly fly away when I wasn't looking.


elyani said...

Amazing capture, Shirls! I love it...too bad my camera is not that good. I can only dream to have something like one of yours...hehehe!

Shirls said...

Thanks! I am still learning marco photography and trying out new things.