Friday, January 11, 2008

Herbal Soups Cooked In Earthern Jars

I needed a pick-me-up what with all the stress of running around this week. I elected to give this interesting stall a try. They sell six different types of herbal soups for various remedies - ginseng chicken soup to cleanse the blood, chicken soup; black chicken soup for better blood production; duck soup to promote good health; pork soup for appetite stimulation; and lotus pork soup for heat relief.This giant urn looks like one of those clunky rice wine containers. Called wa zhong bao in Mandarin, these earthen pots are a traditional Chinese cooking tool used in cities like Xian, China. Each pot is lined with burning charcoal at the bottom which generates heat for the many small claypots placed inside. The soups are cooked in dry heat. When you place an order, a claypot filled soup is fished out with a metal hook and serves it with a bowl of mushroom rice.My ginseng chicken soup and mushroom rice went very well together. It was yummy and it hit the right spot. Now I understand why the coffee shop is always packed.Earthen Jar Treasure Herbal Soup
Block 22 Sin Ming Road,
77 Eating House (#01-244)


Elyani said...

Ah Shirls, I wish we have this herbal soup stall here in Jakarta. In my attempt to reduce the monthly pain, I religiously drink a mixture of freshly made apple-celery juice for blood circulation. Now I add a few chunks of pineapples and the 3 combo mixtures taste a lot better than apple-celery only. I believe ginseng soup will help ease my terrible stabbing pain.

Shirls said...

Hi elyani,sorry to hear. Have you tried seeing a TCM doctor? Sometimes, Eastern herbal remedy is better.