Friday, January 11, 2008

Istimewa Nasi Padang - Great Heaps Of Fire!!!

I drove to Hoy Fatt Road today try the nasi padang that I've been hearing so much about. True to form the place was packed and there were a number of taxis parked outside. Taxi drivers comb the island all day, so they must surely know a thing or two about where to go for good food.
I rich, spicy flavours of nasi padang and Istimewa Nasi Padang does dish it out. I ordered sambal sotong (squid), sambal eggplant and ladies fingers. The server than heaped a dollop of sambal belachan that was fiery to say the least. After this meal, I was burning up literally and I couldn't even finish off all the sambal.
We then ordered a packet for my helper at home. A healthy chunk of sting ray meat and sambal eggplant.


Elyani said...

That looks delicious, Shirls...although I must say a bit different than the original Restoran Padang here. Okra is surely not one of famous Padang cuisine. I guess they have adapted them to Singapore taste. The must have veggies in Padang restaurant is "gulai nangka" / young jackfruit cooked in hot chili gravy. Then there's "daun singkong rebus" / steamed cassava leaves with "sambal hijau" / hot green chilis. Other usual accompaniment is "rendang", "ayam pop" / steamed kampung chicken, etc. I bet your helper loves the tapao from that Padang food stall!

Shirls said...

Err.... this isn't pure padang but singapore version. The other stall that I go to is more authentic and traditional padang.

The second helper is a little bit of a picky eater and harder to please food wise.