Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Manic Sunday

I'm glad that Sunday is almost over. It has been manic the entire day starting from 7 am. A quick gulp of coffee and off we went to get groceries for the Sunday lunch and for the rest of the week. Next was a drive to the library to drop-off the borrowed books before I get another fine. Last stop was to buy personal toiletries. All that done by 8.45 am.
Then the garden needed tending to. The heat had brought out mealy bugs and the plants needed to be treated with insecticide. Next came massive pruning my heliconias were becoming leafy giants. Then the plants all needed to be fed their fertilizer.
11 am rolled in and it was time to start lunch and also bake the banana chiffon cakes. Lunch was a simple two dish meal Pad Thai noodles and Thai-styled pumpkin soup.I changed the pumpkin soup recipe slightly to brighten up the flavors. I added a bay leaf from my garden and a couple of sweet potatoes. To finish off the soup, instead of coconut milk, I used thicken cream which gave the soup a lighter after note. The soup disappeared very quickly.
Whilst cooking, I had the help prep the ingredients for the banana chiffon. My aunt had given me a huge comb of over riped bananas which needed to be turned into something. My plan was to turn half the comb into two chiffon cakes and the balance will tomorrow's breakfast banana pan cakes.The light as feather cakes are almost all gone save a small box. The family ate some and each had a doggie bag. I also made up a box for a friend.
(Recipe to come later)

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