Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scarlet Flowerpeckers Restroom Decoration Job

I thought it would be pretty funny to write this. As you may have read already, I have several pairs of Scarlet Flower Peckers nesting in my neighbor's mango tree. It has been amusing to watch these tiny birds as they zip past my window or sit on the electrical wires that are strung between the houses.
Here's what their rest stop looks like three weeks into the breeding season. Poop and more poop along the wires. They are literally dried up flower bits excreated by the birds that are hanging off the wires.
Here's mister flowerpecker sitting on a clean portion of the wire. He'll rest for a bit and then fly to the mango tree and hover over the tree as he locates his nest. Once he is in the tree, out comes missus flowerpecker for a break from her motherly duties.

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