Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kway Chap on Yaowarat Road

This is the style of kway chap that I am use to, served in dark sauce.When my friends suggested that we go to Chinatown for kway chap, I didn't think much of it till we got to the stall. The Thai Chinese served kway chap in a different style and the dish was entirely made of pig offal.We just order a bowl each that included everything.I found pig's blood, heart, kidney and intestines in a peppery soup.The kway chap wasn't rice noodles but translucent sheets of glass vermicelli. Of course, the chili sauce was a real kicker and great to clean out the sinuses. It was a lot of meat but we wolfed it down as it isn't often that we get these pig organs served in Singapore.

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