Monday, March 03, 2008

One Ton Noodles So Good

It wasn't intentional but we ended up sampling two different wanton noodles stall. The first is at Yaowarat Road in the heart of Chinatown. It was a restaurant that specializes in roast meats and shark's fin.Obviously, language was a problem as we wanted to order more food but the woman who took our order decided less was good for us. She only brought us a bowl of noodles with roast duck in place of char siew. What we wanted was noodles and a platter of roast duck on the side.The other wanton stall we tried was on the opposite side of Platinum by the road-side. The cook was dressed in black had tattoos and wrap around shades. Judging from the crowd we suspected that the noodles will be good.This was his bowl of soul food, which costs a mere 40 Baht. As this bowl was just our morning snack we refrained ordering more bowls.For me, the dude with the shades won hands down with his Al Dante noodles and the wantons were also tastier. But what really makes these bowls of noodles so good is an ingredient that isn't used widely any more in Singapore - pork lard and crackling.

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