Friday, April 18, 2008

Mad Dash To The Zoo

The cousins, aunt, niece and I made a mad dash to the zoo. As my cousin wanted her little daughter to watch the elephant show. I tagged along for the opportunity to photograph the animals. Lucky, we had free entry to the zoo otherwise, it would have been a waste of money as we only got as far as the elephant enclosure for the show before the sky opened up. I only managed a couple of animals while the rest went ahead to watch the show.
False gharials sleeping off their meals, they look mean with all them teeth.
I dashed along to the white tiger enclosure for my favorite big cat. This handsome guy is a pacer as he paced back n forth.The barbirusas or pig-deers are quite strange and unique. They are Indonesian wild pig with enormous curved canine teeth.Lastly, the delightful Cotton-Top Tamarin.

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