Friday, April 18, 2008

Yet Another Doughnut Joint

Now that the doughnut frenzy is pretty much over, I can buy these breads without having to wait in line all day. Last Sunday, I went to doughnut factory and bought doughnuts.The large box was for a client meeting and the small box was mine for munching. I decided to pick two to try when I brought the boxes home.I'm a chocolate fiend and these were good. The next day, I tried two more amongst the three of us. I had fun with the heart shaped doughnut by cutting into half - a broken heart. Then we wolfed them all down. Frankly, the 8 second warm up for fridge cold doughnuts aren't sufficient. I had to warm them a little longer.After tasting doughnuts from three different doughnut outlets, I have to agree with the majority. Doughnut factory rocks, munchy doughnut next and j. co brings up the rear.

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