Sunday, May 04, 2008


I suddenly find that I've gone potty over butterflies and I have been chasing them during the weekends. It could be that the heat has made photographing birds a little less accessible for me. And mosquito alley is one of the best places for my favorite butterfly species - Lycaenidae. The others like the Branded Imperial and the Posies all belong to this group.
Nearly all Lycaenidae are small yet colorful butterflies. The family consisting of Hair-streaks, Coppers and Blues. Many species are associate with ants during their early stage of life and practise mutual symbiosis with ants.
This little butterfly is the Pygmy Grass Blue. I shot this one in my garden.
This flighty one is the Common Cearulean, photographed near the ranger's station.This one is the Gram Blue and it was photographed in my garden.

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