Saturday, May 31, 2008

This Morning's Experiment

It rained and it rained this morning, and I decided to tweak the green tea chiffon recipe since I was couped up at home. The cake came out of the oven looking fantastic - tall and well formed.The next step was to inverted over a bottle to let it hang while it cools down, no problem in the process either.No less than five minutes into the hanging process the cake took the plunge with a plonk onto the tray. I've baked enough chiffons to know that these kind of accidents do happen and a tray under the cake is always a good idea.That when I realised that my cake was brown instead of a woody green. It turned that color because not only was I fiddling with the recipe, I was also trying to see if I could get a nicer green. I experimented with food colors guess green and egg yellow just didn't go with the color of green tea.Quick knife work by me allowed the steam to escape from the cake and it didn't shrink. Despite the ugly unappetizing color, it was very tasty. We were wolfing down the warm airy chunks. I will add less oil the next time, bake it a little longer and definitely no more fooling around with food colors.

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