Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chicken Chop Ipoh Hor Fun

The Changi Village food adventure continues, I dropped by at Wee Kee to try their famous chicken chop Ipoh hor fun. While standing in line the fried wantons also caught my eye and I added a serving to my order. It seems that I can't go wrong as everyone else ahead of me had wantons in their order too. A student behind me ordered a $10 plate of hor fun and I wondered to myself what was in a $10 order. As I got my order before him, I never did get a chance to see what his order included. The hor fun was really good, it was smooth and the sauce over it was tasty. The chicken chop was fried till crispy and it went very well with the smooth hor fun and the sauce.The wantons were mean as they were crispy and the meat inside flavorful and firm. Like the ones I use to make when I was in the US. I had to rely on the dry weather to keep my wantons crispy. The ones at Wee Kee I suspect were fried in lard as they were a tad too yummy. Many of the hawkers we rave about are cooking with lard that's where the flavor is.


Elyani said...


What exactly is hor fun? Is this Chinese Malaysian specialty?

Shirls said...


Ipoh hor fun is thinnest version of kuay teow. It suppose to originate from Ipoh, Malaysia.

Hor fun is Cantonese and it is usually fried in oil first before gravy or meats are placed over it.