Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Pretty Posy

I went out with the camera again Saturday afternoon as I was tinkering with it and I needed to find me subjects to photograph to see how the new settings worked. I ventured into mosquito alley but not before I slathered myself with insect repellent. Even then I still got bitten but not as badly as if I didn't apply insect repellent.
Not far into mosquito alley I spotted a Common Posy that was at the same spot I photographed it last.This pretty posy sat on the leaf and when it spotted me flew away and came back as if to greet me. It did its usual here, there, everywhere routine but it usually gave me enough time to photograph it. Then it did something really amazing, it flew away and rested on some vegetation that was in the sunlight, it opened its wings.This was the first time, I've seen a Common Posy with its wings wide opened. I only managed to got one shot as it flew off as I tried to get a closer second shot. It flew around again before settling in a leaf in the sunlight and slowly opened its wings. As I faced its side I manage to catch this shot of both top wing and under wing. Now you know why I've been so enamored with butterflies. They may be the same butterfly but you wouldn't know unless you can recognize both sides of its wing.


Elyani said...

To this day I have not been successful taking butterflies picture with my pocket camera. They are just not fast enough to catch the movement.

Shirls said...

Elayni, I can tell you as I've not tried photographing butterflies with a point and shoot.

Trick with butterflies is slow and gentle movements. If you move too fast or get too close you spook them. Start shooting at a distance and slowly approach. Some will let you get close others will fly off when you get close.