Friday, June 20, 2008

A Noodle Stall Called Amigo

It's the annual pilgrimage to Singapore Expo for CommunicAsia, and I decided to combine work with some food exploration while loading up on calories. I wondered into Changi Village and walked around to get my bearings on what was good to eat. I finally settled on having bak chor noodles and a bowl of dumplings as I am on a quest to find one stall that will blow my socks off. The stall I chose to try is called Amigo and it sells a host of other single dish meals including chicken chop hor fun.My bowl was tasty enough but the vinegar that Amigo uses is weak. Having spent 10 years at an elite school eating one of the best bak chor noodles, I yearn for that perfect bowl of noodles that I grew up eating.

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