Saturday, June 21, 2008

Worked Up A Good Appetite

After walking for 3 hours this morning, I drove to Changi Village for more food adventures. Today, I ate at Sri Bistari as I wanted to try their ayam penyet(smashed fried chicken). As the name suggests the chicken is first fried and then smashed with a meat hammer. This is a traditional kampong staple from Indonesia that has gained popularity with Singaporeans in the recent years. Each serving includes a quarter piece of chicken with some greens served on a wooden plate, rice and soup.The dark shiny glace that the chicken is sitting on is sambal and there is more hidding under the piece of chicken.By the way, the sambal is the secret to this stall's success, it is so good that I could just eat it with the rice. Had I known that I could have asked for more I would have had more of the finger licking good sambal. Overall, this is the best ayam penyet I have ever tasted.

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