Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Morning Breakie

What's life if you don't break routines? Boredom and you grow old. I zipped over to Casurina Prata for breakfast this morning as I was tired with Shinfu's rather meager selection of breakfast offerings. However, I wasn't going for the tried and tested at Casurina. I wanted to broaden my dietary horizon.
I decided to try Uttapam, which is a South Indian pancake that is eaten with sambar or chutney. My order was Uttapam with onions and it came with two sambars and two chutneys. I was pleasantly surprised with the Uttapam as it had the yeasty, fermented and slightly sour taste to it that I found very pleasing to my taste buds. It reminded me of Dosa but thicker. It turns out Uttapam is made from the same batter for Dosa.
I love the Onion Uttapam as it was crispy and sweet add the sambars and chutneys it was yummy!!! I especially love the coconut and tomato chutneys which I can't get enough of even in a dosa. It would have been nice if they served their sambars and chutneys in buckets like at Little India. I really enjoyed my choice of breakfast this morning and I washed it down with a glass of teh tarik.
My help wanted to go through the prata selection, she had something called the Plaster. We waited in anticipation for the Plaster to arrive. This is the Plaster folks.It was a reverse egg prata, instead of having the egg inside the egg is placed on top of a plain prata and cooked till done. Sheesh.

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