Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grilled Meat For Breakfast

It is barely 7 am in the morning and this stall already has meat on the grill. They looked and smelled fantastic as an electric fan fanned the charcoal and spread fragrant smoke through the back alley. I was pretty sure that the meat on the grill was pork.And there were these small patties being grilled over a metal basin. I thought mini-hamburgers how neat. I could snack on one without getting too full as I had breakfast waiting for me at the hotel.With my Lao vocabulary limited to two words, I gestured to the stall holder that I would like one of the mini burgers. Initially, she stared hard at me as I'm told I look Laotian and then relented she bagged one patty for me. I took a small bite to taste the meat and it was spicy hot and extremely salty by my standards. It was also very rich. I immediately thought I need a bamboo basket of warm sticky rice to go with the meat.I only found out later that the burger I munched on was buffalo meat.

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