Monday, September 08, 2008

Home-Styled Nasi Padang

I hammed it up and presenting to you a simple home-styled nasi padang. The Indonesian helpers had introduced me to ayam ketchup manis some time back and we were having the dish again as a simple one dish meal. Another helper who works for a neighbor gave us tapioca leaf salad with a peanut sauce.I added on hard-boiled egg to the left-over gravy from the previous day's assam ayam. The combination turned out great white hard-boiled eggs lying in creamy yellow coconut gravy. Combined the dishes on a plate of white rice, and they were a riot of colors and flavors. We had a feast of spicy flavors.


Elyani said...

Hi Shirls, been a while since I last blogwalking here. The tapioca leaf (steamed daun singkong) is normally paired with sambal hijau. If you have friends travelling to Jakarta, please ask them to contact me so I can buy something from Padang restaurant for you :)

Shirls said...

Hi Elyani,

I'm in Laos at the moment and posting this message at an Internet cafe. Can't take in the sights today as it raining here.

Thanks. If I do know of any friedns travelling to Jakarta, I'll get them to contact you. ;-)