Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Impromptu Dinner

My mom is finally home after spending two weeks at the hospital. I even learnt how to book an ambulance to bring her home, which meant things were less rushed for me today. A friend and I went out grocery and baking supply shopping after lunch. While we were grocery shopping, I decided to invite her over to dinner to sample my mee goreng.
If a four year old kid enjoyed my initial attempt, I decided it's time to have someone else taste it. This time around I stepped up the flavor and added prawns to my ingredients. It turned out even better than the first attempt.This time I added tomato puree to add a brighter color to my dish and the puree also gave the noodles additional tomato flavor. As I had prawns in the noodles, I added lime juice just before eating to give it an extra kick. I served up the mee goreng with a fusion Thai pumpkin soup which wasn't a bad combination. For dessert, sticky rice with mango. It felt good being in the kitchen again after two weeks of running around.

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